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Hello and welcome to the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority website. This website is the center for all your electricity questions and updates from anywhere in the Solomons. You can find Safety Tips, Saving Power tips and Power Outage schedules on this site. We hope that your visit on this site will be worth your while and SIEA will continue to keep powering the nation now and into the future.

Martin Sam

General Manager (Ag)

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The Woodford International students, in their hard hats and safety vests, ready for the tour into the Power station.

Students from Woodford International School and their class teachers visited the Lungga Power Station. The students are amongst the first people to see the newly constructed energy efficient workshop featuring both passive energy feature such as large sky lights and natural ventilation as well as insulation, low energy lighting, solar hot water and rain water collection. The students were studying renewable energy at school and thought that it would be a good idea to see how power is generated in Honiara and learn about what changes are planned for the future.

According to Nik West, Capital Works Programme Manager, SIEA power generation is currently diesel based. SIEA do have a small 50kw grid connected solar, a pilot running with a local Biodiesel producer, are planning to refurbish one of the provincial hydropower stations and are progressing works to develop other hydro power sites.
“We have started the land acquisition process to support the establishment of a 2Mw solar farm that we hope to start work on next year”.
On a National level the Hydro projects proposed for Fiu River in Malaita and the Tina River on Guadalcanal hold the potential to move the Solomon Islands away from reliance on fossil fuels and dramatically reduce emissions. There is also the possibility of geothermal energy from Savo Island.
The students were taken for a tour inside the Power house at Lungga and also the Control room and switching room that controls all the power generation and distribution to the Honiara network.

The students were very excited and enjoyed their turns going into the Power house. There were two groups that paid a visit to the Power Station.


                                                                         NOTICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC



SIEA wishes to advice the good public that stringing Banners on the power poles is not permitted without SIEA approval. The main concern is for the safety of the poles and properties and the public at large. With large banners that run from pole to pole across the street a lot of damage can be done to the pole and fittings especially on windy days.

If you want to hang your banners, please do come and seek advice from the distribution department at the head office at Ranadi.

You will have to pay a fee for hanging the banner and for the duration as well.

Do not attempt to string up banners on the poles without the approval of the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority.

Your safety is important as well as the efficient supply and distribution of electricity, we must work together to ensure that nothing compromises that.


Call 166 for further information.


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